Inked Ch. 10 – Hope. LIVE!

Ah, I’m so sorry for the wait! I’m finally posting now.

Chapter 10 – Hope


If it makes up for it, I commissioned snow-124 to draw these two dorks, and this was the FANTASTIC result!

Please don’t re-post without asking for permission. Always reference the artist and this story!


One thought on “Inked Ch. 10 – Hope. LIVE!

  1. Hii dear ! Thank you so much for your work . This chapter is really interesting, both Naruto and sasuke’reaction about the situation make them so human and add so much reality in the story. To be honest what I love the most about your story is that your characters are ao honest we can easily identify to them and when in many story we can “predict” what is gonna happen ,we never know how your characters gonna react and it give the story such a beautiful realisme.I really like and respect your work. Ps: I loved the interaction between Naruto and sasuke’s friends plus the fact that even if sasuke is pretty rich he loves free food haha I really love sasuke ^^ I’m gonna end it here or not gonna stop at all haha I wish you a really good continuation and i always be here to appreciate your work of course 😉 ❤


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